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August, 2021

Sworn Translators: Their Role in Official Document Translations

Sworn Translators

Like most professional areas, the translation industry needs to keep up with the legal requirements of the markets in which it operates.

Most Latin American countries require official documents to be translated by sworn translators. What are sworn translations and what are their characteristics?

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Who Protects Translators in War Zones?

Translators in War zones

Through their invaluable work, interpreters and translators working in countries at war not only enable the conversation between the parties: they also cooperate to solve conflicts. But, at what cost? They endanger their lives and have no protective measures to guarantee their survival.

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Technical vs. Scientific Translations: Alternatives and Differences

The main challenges of translating scientific materials

Although all linguistic services require accuracy, specialized translation implies a much higher level of expertise and professionalism. It takes years of training to achieve a thorough understanding of the terminology and jargon that are typical of scientific texts. If the translator does not have this specialized knowledge, the translation will fail.

There are two types of specialized translations that are often confused for one another: technical and scientific translation. What are the differences and when to choose one over the other?

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ISO 17100 Standard: What does this certification mean for translation services?

ISO 17100

As organizations strive to broaden their horizons, removing linguistic barriers is absolutely critical. In this sense, there is a question we need to answer when choosing a translation service: What elements are vital to ensure a high-quality job that meets the needs of our organization? The ISO 17100 certification is one of the most used tools to determine quality and suitability in translation services.

What is this Standard and why is it key in translation services?

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