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Why us

We are a very diverse tribe. We are language experts, subject matter experts, graphic designers, localization engineers, voice actors, eLearning engineers, desktop publishers, instructional designers, quality assurance testers and programmers. In other words, we are a factory of Solutions that come from hands-on experience, pros in many diverse areas and out-of-the-box thinking.

15 years of experience

Since 2004, we provide translation, interpretation and content management services to businesses and governments all over the United States and Latin America. We have an interdisciplinary team specialized in various fields of expertise: regulatory, pharmacovigilance, medical devices, clinical trials, eLearning, legal content, web and much more.

Specialized team

Our team is made of subject matter experts in medical translation such as physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians, chemists, nurses and linguists.

Translation management system

We created Iris, the first translation and content management software entirely designed to simplify communication with our clients, accelerate time to market of our client’s content and provide them with visibility and control of every step of the process.

100% certified processes

Every process in Idea Translations is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100 quality management standards. Our work follows the strictest quality standards in order to provide customer centric value-added solutions.

High complexity translations

Companies choose us because we have solutions that go beyond content translation. Our solutions include consulting, graphic design, web, e-mail marketing and multimedia format engineering.

Immediate answer

Contact us. You will get a consultant to respond immediately. Our team is always ready to provide the highest standard of quality at the speed your business requires.

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Blog Posts

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Have you ever wondered which songs throughout history have been translated into the most languages?

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