Our latest IRIS features!

We know questions may come up when using our Translation Management System “Iris” for the first time, so to help you become more familiar with this platform and its features, let’s break down some of the most commonly asked questions:

Is it possible to receive multiple offers for a same project with varying parameters?

Innovation is the key to providing exceptional services. That’s why we are excited to introduce a new and improved feature in Iris, our Translation Management System.

Now you can easily compare quotes for the same project by requesting multiple bids containing different parameters. This gives you more options to make sure your organization gets exactly what it needs! It’ll give you peace of mind knowing there is a perfect option just for you.

Check out our instructional video to learn how this simple yet powerful new feature works.

Did you know that Iris prevents the duplication of documents?

Iris notifies you when you are attempting to upload a document that has already been submitted, which ensures accurate translations and avoids document duplication, maximizing speed and guaranteeing one-and-done project management.

With our revolutionary technology, you can now easily submit, track and manage your translations. Join the revolution of efficient translation with IRIS today!

Can we choose the communication tone of our project?

We give you the freedom to select your tone of voice for any project, from business-oriented to light and friendly. For this, be sure to provide all the necessary details and clarifications about your desired tone of voice when submitting your project on Iris. Doing so will help make all of your content perfectly tailored to your target audience!

Can I upload a file that I want you to use as a reference?

You can upload a reference file to Iris, as a benchmark for your next project, which we will use to determine accuracy before starting any new projects. This ensures that the translated text faithfully adheres to the specific format and content requirements of this reference document!

Can multiple files be uploaded at once in order to receive quotes? / Is it possible to select more than one language per quote?

You can upload an unlimited number of files for a single quote, or group them into one file to make it even simpler.
Likewise, you can add as many languages as needed to the same quote request by simply pressing the button on the lower right-hand side. Our platform makes the quoting process quick and easy!

Did you know that Iris has automated tests?

Automated testing helps overcome the challenges of documentation, pattern design and software architecture. It also allows for a smarter use of our IT team, reducing debugging times, identifying potential improvements, guaranteeing security and providing a tested quality product to our clients.

How would I request a quote on Iris?

The latest version of Iris supports all files regardless of format or size. With just a few clicks you can request a quote, download your #translation, check the status of your project, chat with the project manager, and download an invoice or a full-blown report. Iris avoids time-wasting emails through the automation of workflow from requests to approvals. Therefore, there is little room for human error and no need to navigate through thousands of emails in order to find your project. With Iris, you are able to access your files from anywhere, even your mobile.