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Training is changing. The most successful organizations are shifting to blended learning which is why it is fundamental to be able to change fast, train fast, and deploy trainings globally even faster.

eLearning projects have become an essential tool for facilitating training and education across diverse cultures and languages. At Idea Translations, we can help your business develop a course tailored to your budget and organizational needs so you can provide an engaging learning experience for your audience.

Moreover, ensuring accurate and effective translations for these projects can be a challenging task. It requires a specific set of skills and knowledge to ensure that content is delivered accurately in the target language while maintaining its impact and effectiveness.

To guarantee success, it is essential to follow good practices in the translation of an eLearning project.

Translating your eLearning courses can open doors to new markets and provide accessibility to a wider audience. In fact, studies have shown that learners who receive training materials in their native language are more likely to retain information and stay motivated.

So why limit your reach when you could expand it with the power of translation? Check out this video to learn 5 compelling reasons why investing in translation could be the key to taking your online learning experience to the next level!

Idea Translations has an in-house team fully dedicated to eLearning projects that includes:
eLearning Developers
Voice Talents
Video Editors
Subtitle Specialists
Cultural Validation Specialists

Our encompassing capabilities take the pain out of development of eLearning content, and simplify and streamline the translation of your eLearning projects through an agile process aimed at fast and high-quality training access at a global scale.

We are specialists in the Moodle and Articulate 360 suite of products and able to work in any eLearning authoring tool and most Learning Management Systems (LMS).

We use top technology and subject matter specialists to effectively convert your learning materials into more than 50 languages —with uncompromised quality as our ultimate goal. 

You don’t need to worry about anything. Our comprehensive services make the development and localization of your content both quick and straight-forward. Need global accessibility? Talk to an eLearning consultant today!

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