Iris Translation Management System

Iris is our own web-based translation management platform. It was created to help your company collaborate and interact with all translation stakeholders in a fast, simple, secure and effective way.


If you are one of our clients, you have probably realized by now that the days of emailing documents back and forth are over.

A Translation Management System (TMS) is a type of software specifically focused on the management of language-related projects and it’s used similarly to a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). In this sense, customers can sign in and access a single platform, consisting of a user-friendly dashboard, containing the information that they need: they can see their quotes to approve, review the projects that are in progress, download their completed projects, get reports about their language projects and review invoices. Additionally, using Iris allows them to avoid duplicating work, as the system automatically identifies previously translated content and it even links with every client translation memory so they can take advantage of content translated within different files. Last but not least, they can access their history, making it simple to trace and retrieve old projects.

The right software can help you drop translation costs by 90% by avoiding human error, unnecessary e-mail communications, and time spent uploading content and searching databases. Source: CSA

Our platform allows you to keep communications organized and tasks assigned correctly, avoiding the back-and-forth headache between client, Project Manager, translator, proofreader and designer. Everyone involved in the work process is connected on the same platform, making the project seamless and well-orchestrated.

The Iris Translation Management System is a key IT component for companies seeking global growth, because we know that both simplicity and security are essential elements of multilanguage content projects. Potentially risky back-and-forth of information in endless email chains is reduced or totally eliminated, as tasks are performed within Iris. It centralizes quotes, orders, files, reports and billing. In addition, Iris provides a higher level of security on your translation projects because it is an encrypted cloud-based application model. The exchange of information is transparent and secure as these unified solutions provide information about when the data was accessed and by whom. We are constantly updating and improving Iris in order to adapt it to the demands and needs of growing organizations. Changes are currently taking place at an increasingly fast pace, which is why true efficiency can only be obtained through agile models that manage to meet all the requirements and optimize translation processes.

The latest version of Iris supports all files regardless of format or size. With just a few clicks, you can request a quote, download your translation, check the status of your project, chat with the Project Manager, and download an invoice or a full-blown report. Iris avoids time-wasting emails through the automation of workflow from requests to approvals. With Iris, you are able to access your files from anywhere, even your mobile. Recently, we added a report module, where you can get information about the languages you are using, the size of the projects and who is placing requests within your organization, or even within a group or a business line.

Iris allows you to perform three kinds of reports based on Expenditures, Invoices and Projects.

There is also a Project Instructions field, where you can include any information, clarifications or special requests when you generate a quote. There are multiple advantages to organizing and managing all language translation efforts on a single platform.

These advantages include:

Scalability and cost efficiency: It enables business leaders to easily add or remove tasks as needed to optimally allocate and manage resources.
24-hour access: Cloud technology makes it possible to access Iris anytime, anywhere.
Time-saving communication: In traditional translation projects, files constantly come and go between the people involved, which can not only lead to poor management and security concerns but it’s also a slow and inefficient process.
Centralization and transparency: Having the information for each project in a single location, as well as the translation memories containing the translated content of previous projects, helps avoid inconsistencies and duplication of content. It also allows to quickly identify possible “bottlenecks” and problems.

This platform brings organizations closer to high-quality, on-demand professional translations by maximizing productivity, automating processes and reducing costs. Resources become more efficient and communication more fluid, avoiding frictions in the daily workflow.

Worrying about file formats or complex downloads is no longer an issue: the quality leap is here, in a secure and reliable cloud-based solution.

This is why Iris Translation Management System is the best partner, especially for companies that centralize content but also need to customize it, taking the client experience in mind.

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