We are a certified B Corporation!

What does this mean?

Being a certified B Corporation not only includes an institutional and legal commitment to measure our social and environmental impact in the world but also assuming responsibility in the way we carry out business. B certified organizations have a deep commitment to create a positive impact in society making decisions that take into account the long term consequences of our actions in the community and the environment.

The B certification requirements are geared towards creating a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic ecosystem for the people involved and the planet, in which success and financial benefits include social and environmental well-being.

We take pride in the way we carry out business and assume with responsibility our belonging to a global movement of companies that want to bring about change harnessing the power of the market to provide solutions to social and environmental problems.

Now, we are part of a movement that was born from a spontaneous shared belief and quest: new economic “genetics” that allows values and ethics to inspire collective solutions, without neglecting individual needs, helping us find transcendence, meaning and purpose.

B system’s proposal aims at an economy that can create value for the world and the planet, promoting organizations to build business processes that can be measured from the well-being of people, societies and the Earth simultaneously, and taking into consideration the short and long term.

As a B Corp we share the following values:

Why did we decide to become a B Certified Company?

Global Movement: to inspire many others to join a global and interdependent community.

Continuous Improvement: because the B Certification is a tool that allows us to increase the positive impact in a permanent way.

Transparency: we can show the world how we operate internally with all of our value chain, in a transparent way.

Commercial Alliances: to bring consistency to the dialogue with impact investors and ESG investors (Environmental, Social and Governance); to generate commercial and collaboration alliances with other companies, and to become attractive to impact investors.

In this way, the B Certification is a tool for continuous improvement, that allows us to increase our positive impact in a permanent way and to provide solutions to social and environmental problems through our management and transparency standards’ evaluation.

We are very proud of this milestone in our history. This certification takes us a step closer to our goal to be a great business for the world, not just a great business in the world. We want to be an agent of change as we believe there is a better way to do business by including impact assessment in all that we do.

B Corps aim at being inclusive, equitable and economically sustainable for the planet where financial benefits include social and environmental well-being.

Creating a positive impact in the communities we serve, the planet and society as a whole is what motivates us.

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