Translation Solutions

Translation and editing

These services include the translation by a professional translator native on the target language with specific industry experience to make sure accurate terminology is used, and a thorough review by a second qualified reviewer native on the target language with specific industry experience/knowledge that includes bilingual comparison and terminology research when needed. Additionally, all of our translation services include the QA services.

Transcription / Subtitling

This service includes the transcription and video editing of content to insert subtitles. We're capable of transcribing any audio or video file, regardless of language, format, dialect, or origin. Our professionals use top technology for accurate transcriptions, ensuring user-friendly text with speaker/time identification. We cater to diverse projects with precise subtitling for corporate videos, movies, or TV shows. Our experienced team ensures accurate translation and emotional resonance, engaging viewers effectively.

Software and
Website Localization

All of our software and website translation projects go through a 3-step process to make sure your content is accurately translated and is fully functional.
1. Evaluation and review of files through the use of localization tools.
2. Review of tags and images to determine if they need to be translated or correspond to programming lines.
3. Testing to make sure there are no bugs or linguistic issues that may affect overall user experience.

DTP / Formatting / Template Creation

This service includes formatting of original designer files to maintain the same page layout on the translated version. Here is a partial list of the applications we can work on:
-CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, PHO, PO, Visio.
-Flash, FrameMaker, llustrator, InDesign, QuarkXpress, XML.
<-Articulate, Canva, HTML, Photoshop, Publisher, Vyond, XLIFF, among others.


Transcreation, as the word describes it, requires a bit of translation and a bit of creation. This service goes beyond accurately translating words from one language to another. It takes into account cultural differences, demographics of the target audience and can include suggestions and a general assessment on the potential acceptance of a piece of content in the target market. This is done by an in-country native team.

Video Remote

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a form of sign language interpreting that allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with a hearing person at the same site via videoconferencing instead of live, on-site interpreting. VRI can also be used as an option to Over the Phone (OTP) interpreting for language interpretation. It is particularly useful when visual context is helpful to understand the message being communicated. VRI is also a good option when (1) there is a lack of available qualified interpreters, such as at a rural location; and (2) when an interpreter is needed immediately and there is no available interpreter on-site.


This service entails the translation or creation of training content to an eLearning format for online access. It includes recording, programming, authoring if applicable and subtitling for web access.

Voice Over / Audio Recording

This service includes professional narration and audio recording of scripts by voice talents in a studio environment for eLearning, VR prompts or commercials. We also provide AI voice over services for projects with tighter budgets and faster turnaround time requirements.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is the process of translating speech from one language to another in real time. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) eliminates the need for on-site interpreters and equipment—reducing costs, carbon emissions and minimizing the burden on event organizers.

AI Translation

AI translation systems can be trained to translate text by analyzing large amounts of past translation data. However, even trained translation systems struggle when it comes to understanding the particular meaning of a word when used in a specific setting. We offer 2 types of AI-powered translation solutions: 100% AI and Hybrid AI Translation.


An increasing number of companies are now required to customize their products to cater to new markets. Idea Translations can help you through this process by converting your audio and video files into various languages while adapting them to your target audience. We support any video or audio format and partner with professional recording studios to ensure that the final deliverable will capture the attention of your audience and properly conveys the information you intended.

Onsite Interpretation

Onsite interpreters provide face-to-face interpretation services at events, helping to ensure accurate communication between speakers of different languages. This type of interpretation is sometimes preferred over remote interpretation because it allows everyone involved to see body language and other non-verbal cues that can provide an even greater understanding. There are two main types of on-site interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous.


This service entails a meticulous review of a final target document. It is aimed at ensuring its accuracy, consistency, and fluency both in linguistic and formatting aspects. Our team of experienced proofreaders meticulously compares each translation with the source text to identify and rectify any errors in design, grammar, punctuation, syntax, or terminology. It ensures the document reads naturally and effectively in the target language so that it resonates with audiences.

Over The Phone Interpreting (OTP)

OTP interpreting is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone to individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. The telephone interpreter translates from one spoken language to another, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other.


In order to meet clients’ preferences in regards to the translation of key terms, our team can create a unique terminology glossary. This service includes research of certain key terms that are particularly relevant, the creation of client-approved translations and the incorporation of the list of key terms to a Style Guide for all future translations.