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How to Harness the Power of Virtual Events to Expand Your Business & Brand

How to Harness the Power of Virtual Events to Expand Your Business & Brand

The world faced a massive change in 2020, which resulted in businesses shifting their operations to the virtual world. Brands had to come up with creative ways to stay connected with their customers and expand their reach. This is where Virtual Events came in, and they have transformed the industry altogether.

In this article, we’ll discuss how virtual events can help you expand your business and brand and offer you tips on how to utilize them to their fullest potential.

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International Translation Day: Origins of the Celebration and New Challenges

International Translation Day

Since 2017, by decision of the United Nations, every September 30th International Translation Day is commemorated. Its purpose is to celebrate the role of language professionals in connecting cultures and promoting peace and understanding.

Why is this day celebrated and what is its significance?

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What were the most spoken languages in the Qatar World Cup

What Were the Most Spoken Languages in the Qatar World Cup

A long-awaited event by millions of people like the Football World Cup brought along astounding sociocultural diversity: more than 3 million tickets were sold for the matches (split into eight stadiums) and millions of fans watched the games from their houses through several platforms. Inside and outside the field, such passion for the sport brought together people from numerous backgrounds, traditions and realities.

The linguistic aspect was no stranger to this. Followers and players from 32 countries met in the small State of Qatar. What languages were present there and which were the most predominant ones?

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Super Bowl: A Multicultural Event Beyond Sports


Like rugby in New Zealand and football (soccer) in Argentina, the final game of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States is a massive event. The first Super Bowl took place 56 years ago and, since then, it has grown beyond the area of sports to become a whole social and cultural phenomenon.

How did the final game of the football season —between Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals— achieve 117 million viewers in the US only and became a symbol of multiculturalism?

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