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What were the most spoken languages in the Qatar World Cup

What Were the Most Spoken Languages in the Qatar World Cup

A long-awaited event by millions of people like the Football World Cup brought along astounding sociocultural diversity: more than 3 million tickets were sold for the matches (split into eight stadiums) and millions of fans watched the games from their houses through several platforms. Inside and outside the field, such passion for the sport brought together people from numerous backgrounds, traditions and realities.

The linguistic aspect was no stranger to this. Followers and players from 32 countries met in the small State of Qatar. What languages were present there and which were the most predominant ones?

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Translation in Advertising: Choosing the Right Messages

What is the role of translation in the world of advertising?

In Chinese, “bensi” means “rush to die.” Mercedes Benz chose that word a few years ago to enter the Asian giant. Although the error was quickly solved by the brand, other companies — such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Audi, Dolce & Gabbana, Nike and Heineken — suffered the consequences of a poor translation applied to advertising.

Localizing advertising material involves special skills, because it involves a unique cultural adaptation to target a very specific market. What strategies should be followed in these cases?

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The key role of multilingualism in an increasingly interconnected world.

How to make the most of the benefits of an interconnected world?

Although the benefits of learning languages have always been undeniable, this is particularly clear in these times of unprecedented global interaction.

These days, multilingualism not only brings people closer to better educational, occupational and professional opportunities, but it also makes them more empathetic, helps them make better decisions and gives them confidence.

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Multilingual websites, the key to a successful business expansion

Websites #multilanguage #websitetranslation: what are the keys to a successful international business expansion?

Determining expansion objectives, identifying opportunities, understanding new markets, positioning and thinking globally while considering a local approach are among the main challenges that an organization must take into account when internationalizing its business.

Within these processes, language services play an essential role. Why are quality multilingual translations key to a company’s growth?

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