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The Search for Latino Talent: The Challenges of an Enduring Relationship Over Time


As their workforce expands, more companies are prioritizing diversity and inclusion. The number of Hispanic workers in the U.S. market has grown from 10.7 million, in 1990, to 29 million, in 2020 and it is expected to reach 35.9 million by 2030.

Therefore, companies are faced with the increasing challenge of adapting to these changes. But how to communicate effectively and secure long-term talents?

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Why it is Key to Respond to Migrant Language Needs

Language Diversity Needs

Nowadays, there is a really significant number of people who live somewhere other than their native country: according to the 2020 International Organization for Migration (IOM) Report, in June 2019, 272 million people across the world were estimated to have migrated. Out of that total, almost two-thirds had relocated due to work-related reasons.

This data turns out to be extremely relevant: linguistic issues can undoubtedly make the difference between success and failure. So, what is the importance of knowing how to communicate for someone setting out to live abroad?

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The Advantages of Including a Translation Management System (TMS) in your Translation Processes

Translation Management System

Along with the experience and expertise of language partners, both simplicity and security are essential elements of multilanguage translations. In this sense, translation management systems are consolidated as a key IT component for companies seeking global growth.

How do TMS work and how are they key allies in achieving successful global expansion?

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Educational Materials: The Importance of High-Quality Translations

educational translation

Translating content is always a great responsibility, which must be undertaken by qualified people with the required expertise. In some areas, this task involves an even greater challenge. This is the case of teaching and educational materials, which define the tools and possibilities the younger generations will have as adults.

What are the main challenges in the translation of educational materials and why do we need experienced professionals for this task?

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