6 ways to optimize working remotely in times of Coronavirus

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We are all a little anxious in the face of uncertainty. However, we can always keep our minds busy and make the best of it. Here are a few easy productivity hacks to make working at home a pleasure (or at least bearable).

This article has been written on the seventh day of isolation (the entire Idea Translations team has been working remotely since March 13th 2020). Fortunately, we are one of those companies that is accustomed to remote work. Through the years we have implemented a remote working policy in many departments, knowing that even though it isn’t an easy task for everyone, it is pretty much possible to be productive from home

If you are one of the many people being forced to work from the comfort of your home, you might find that you love it but there are some important points you should keep in mind.

Find your place (within your place)

Regardless of whether you have a big place or a small apartment, there are areas where you like to work and areas that you use to relax. It’s key to keep these separate. Also, try different spots and determine what works best for you. It could be the kitchen, the sofa, your bedroom desk, next to the window; if you are going to make great things happen you have to feel great. Also, once you pick your working spot, make sure you keep it neat and organized as you would if you had a visit from the CEO (or something like that).

Figure out how you want to schedule your time

Anyway, you should have a schedule setting up when you ARE working and when you ARE NOT working. Working from home can blur those lines. You want to make sure you have a clear boundary between work and family/relaxation time.

Get your routine game on

After waking up to your alarm during normal days you might go for a run, stay in bed while browsing social media, take time for meditation, take a shower, then get dressed and leave for work. You might not be able to do all those things now, but you can replace them with other enjoyable things like breakfast with your family, playing with the kids for 20 minutes and, why not, do an everyday casual exercise while you are at home. However, the routine must be clear for every day of the week. It’s a good idea to plan your routine with boundaries for every day you are home, give or take a few minutes.

Set daily goals and focus on your output

“In a remote work environment, you’re entirely judged by the volume, quality, and timeliness of your output. In this way, remote work is a great equalizer, and you may find it gives you an opportunity to shine—and snag that next raise or promotion,” says Kari DePhillips CEO of The Content Factory. Create a list of what you will have/like to deliver by the end of the day, in order to keep you organized and with the goal in mind.

Take time to eat healthy lunches

Now that you have the capacity to organize your schedule, take time to cook and nurture yourself with that Pinterest recipe you saw last month but were so busy to put into practice. One of the most important things during this quarantine is to stay healthy, and no matter how many supplements you take with your morning coffee, if you are not filling your body with basic nutrients you might end up with the flu or even feeling more tired than usual.

Limit distractions and set boundaries

Any sort of interruption can disrupt your creative flow, or make you lose focus and reduce your productivity. One thing that may help you is to put your phone in another room, and just check social media during breaks. Also, you may want to ask family members or roommates not to interrupt unless it is necessary. Other than that, set a boundary, work your usual 8 hours a day and then relax as you would if you came back from the office. You can thank Mr. Corona for the short commute.

Finally, as the weather gets warmer, take advantage of it and go to the patio or balcony and get some sunny vitamin D into your organism!

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