The ultimate customer guide to IRIS

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Translation management software has never been so simple, secure and productive. With our own web-based Iris Translation Management Platform, your company will be able to collaborate with all translation stakeholders from a single platform.

If you have been our client and opted to use Iris Translation Management Platform, you probably realized by now that the days of emailing documents back and forth are over.

The latest version of Iris supports all files regardless of format or size. With just a few clicks you can request a quote, download your translation, check the status of your project, chat with the project manager, and download an invoice or a full-blown report. Iris avoids time-wasting emails thru the automation of workflow from requests to approvals. Therefore, there is little room for human error and no need to navigate through thousands of emails in order to find your project. With Iris, you are able to access your files from anywhere, even your mobile.

So, what are the news?

One of Iris latest improvements is the report module, where you can get information about the languages you are using, and who is placing requests within your organization, or even within a group. Iris allows you to perform three kinds of reports based on

  1. Expenditures
  2. Invoices
  3. Projects

Another new feature of Iris, originated from our users’ feedback, is the project instructions field. When you generate a quote, you can now include any instructions, clarifications or information that you might want us to pay special attention to.

How to generate a quote on IRIS

We know that for anyone who has ever worked on a translation project, going back and forth between project manager, translator, proofreader, and designer can quickly become a headache, that’s why we’ve decided to spent a substantial amount of time and resources to create a solid platform, which allows you to keep communications organized and tasks assigned correctly.

To learn more about Iris Translation Management Platform contact us at iris@ideatranslations.com

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