The importance of efficient eLearning translation

Idea TranslationsCase StudiesThe importance of efficient eLearning translation
Kiehls online training

About a year and a half ago the head of Global Education & Customer Experience at Kiehl’s, one of the biggest names in the L’Oréal family of cosmetics, approached us with one of their biggest initiatives. A project entailing the translation and localization of their entire training library.

When companies decide to move from traditional training to eLearning, there are enormous benefits.

  • They save on travel costs because training is provided online and on demand.
  • With the right LMS, you can monitor and evaluate learning of employees, compliance and time spent in trainings.

However, as their eLearning strategy takes on globally, a new set of challenges come to haunt us, namely translation and localization of our trainings for global use.

When the team at Kiehl’s talked to us about their training courses and using their own platform to complete the translations, we immediately knew they were at the forefront of innovation when it comes to online training. We wanted to be part of this innovation. Kiehl’s training consisted of various modules, with each module having a specific kick off date.

Design & Develop

Some of the courses included the brand’s essence, its traditions, and how they excelled at customer service. All the courses were critical to the success of employees and resellers. The localization of these courses was aimed to quite a diverse audience from a regional and language perspective. They were translated to German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese and others.

We were quite lucky to have a very organized and focused client. They had already defined a global deployment strategy and how they wanted the final product to be designed, delivered, and launched by their internal team. Additionally, and this is one of the biggest fall backs when launching global translation initiatives, they had allocated an in-country language manager to review our content and they had also assigned them time on their busy calendar to make sure the project moved along. There were some technical challenges at the beginning, but our eLearning development team made the required changes quickly and soon everything started falling into place.

Idea Translations has played a special and crucial role in helping us translate our digital content in an efficient amount of time
Mia Kernaghan, Kiehl’s – Global Education & Customer Development

Kiehl’s currently offers their training academy in more than 5 languages and is considered a leader in learning development for direct sales organizations. We are proud partners to this amazing team and are thrilled to have their continuous trust.

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