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October, 2021

Machine Translation: A valid alternative?

machine translation

When translating their websites, many organizations choose a path that, at first glance, seems to be simple and affordable: machine translation. However, as tempting as this alternative may seem, using it without the proper investment of time and money can lead to a result that is —at best— uncertain.

How efficient is machine translation for website content?

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Translators and Interpreters: Differences and Similarities

translators and interpreters differences

Although used interchangeably, translation and interpretation are two different fields. While translators deal with written text, interpreters have specific skills to translate oral content and, in turn, render it orally.

While these two fields can sometimes be complementary, they have significant differences. What are their features and how to choose between them according to our needs?

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What are the potential risks of a bad translation?

Bad Translations

Any company mature enough to expand at a global level understands that no decision taken during the process to enter new markets should be taken lightly. However, some organizations still choose to translate their content looking only at the price. These organizations decide to use machine translation tools, internal resources with no formal training or experience in translation or freelancers, without assessing the potential risks of these decisions.

How can a bad translation impact a business seeking to expand?

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Key Elements of a High-Quality Translation

High quality translation

Scalability —the ability of an organization to grow and win more clients— implies taking several tactical decisions. One of these decisions includes defining how to translate our content in a way that supports our goal of expanding to new markets without losing our unique identity. Quality holistic translation services are vital to achieve this goal.

What do we need to consider when choosing a holistic translation service?

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