Technology and Human Expertise: A Perfect Recipe to Make Translation a Successful Tool for Communication

Idea TranslationsArtificial IntelligenceTechnology and Human Expertise: A Perfect Recipe to Make Translation a Successful Tool for Communication

CLIENT: Fundación Empujar
SERVICE: Hybrid AI Translation
DOCUMENTS: Institutional Presentation
VOLUME: 1 PPT Document

Empujar is a non-profit organization that comprises a dedicated team of volunteers and several partnering companies. Their mission is training and educating young people between the ages of 18 to 24 years, and helping them gain access to formal employment.

At Idea Translations, we take great pride in our collaboration with Empujar, as it allows us to make meaningful contribution through our services to facilitate communication between people from different countries, bridging language barriers and uniting cultures. The shared goal is to empower young individuals from vulnerable backgrounds with the necessary tools to succeed in the labor market.

Today we are thrilled to showcase one of our projects for them —a translation of Empujar’s institutional presentation into English, used to communicate the main values, mission and vision of their organization, and to attract new volunteers to their cause.

To accomplish this task efficiently, we leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence. Automatic translation allowed us to reduce costs and overcome time constraints, as the presentation had to be ready hastily for an upcoming in-person event. However, it is important to note that while AI can be incredibly beneficial, human postediting remains indispensable to identify and rectify any errors introduced by the technology, as demonstrated in the video.

Maintaining cultural context and sensitivity was crucial, especially given that the project involved not only technical content but also highly emotional aspects. Accurately interpreting and conveying the emotions portrayed played a key role in effectively presenting the work and identity of the foundation.

Although the use of technology like AI can greatly enhance productivity, it is no replacement of human elements such as common sense, context and sentiment. For this undertaking, a combination of both was fundamental to ensure optimal use of time and resources while delivering the highest quality translation possible that conveyed the role of the foundation as a vital bridge, thus connecting civil society and the business world, and helping potential investors understand Empujar’s mission and vision.

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