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Why Choose Idea Translations as a Strategic Partner

Why Choose Idea Translations as a Strategic Partner

When breaking barriers and connecting with multiple audiences, leading organizations know that relying on established language services partners is critical. Nothing is more strategic than having specialized professionals who adapt to the new needs and demands of the various markets.

Since 2007, Idea Translations provides interpretation, translation and content development solutions to companies across the United States and globally. What are the secrets to our expertise?

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Discover the World of E-learning

As trusted experts in eLearning translations, we are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to step into the world of online courses and experience it firsthand.

Along this activity, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to make your projects a global success. We will guide you through the ins and outs of the eLearning landscape, and we’ll show you how to tackle challenges and ensure that neither quality nor timelines are compromised.

Are you prepared to embark on this thrilling adventure? Buckle up and let’s begin this exciting journey together!

The Exciting Future of eLearning Translation: 4 Emerging Trends That Will Transform Online Education

The Exciting Future of eLearning Translation:

As technology continues to advance, so do the methods and tools used to translate and localize online learning content. This has resulted in significant changes in the way we access, consume, and deliver this content. More recently, remote teaching and learning have become part of our new normal, and eLearning platforms have been at the forefront of this shift. While online education is growing rapidly, the demand for localization of eLearning content and materials is increasing at an even higher pace, and it has sparked the development of new technologies and innovations in the field of eLearning translation.

This blog post explores some of the emerging trends in eLearning translation and how it is changing the future of online education.

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The Most Common Translation Mistakes You Should Avoid in e-Learning Courses

When working with clients who need their training courses translated into multiple languages, it is crucial to educate them on the requirements and challenges involved in the process. While some might assume that translating the content and publishing it is all it takes, the reality is far more complex. It isn’t as simple as a straight translation from one language to another; there are specific nuances and cultural differences that must be taken into account in order to make the training materials accessible and effective for the target audience.

In order to make eLearning translation a success, it is important to understand the desired outcome and estimate a reasonable return on the customer’s translation investment.

Unfortunately, some common mistakes often pop up during the translation process, and these can really undermine the efficacy of the training materials. In this post, we will highlight three of the most common mistakes made when translating a course and provide insight on how to avoid them.

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