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How translation errors can be catastrophic

How can #translationerrors prove catastrophic? Given the wartime context, the people to whom the messages are addressed handle weapons and put their lives on the line. To what extent can inappropriate expressions and mistranslations be fatal. Let's take a look at this blog

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have been receiving training in the United Kingdom by British forces. This situation has highlighted the difficulty in finding translators and interpreters to work with the troops.

Given the wartime context, it is not only a matter of knowing the source and target languages perfectly, but also of considering the fact that the people who will be receiving these messages handle weapons and put their lives on the line. To what extent can misexpression and mistranslation be fatal?

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Transcreation: A modern and effective technique to multilingual marketing

#Transcreation: What’s all the fuzz in the #marketing industry?

Although they are related services, translation and creative translation have many differences. Transcreation is especially useful in marketing, as it achieves a creative translation of concepts, so that they reach the target audience with a unique local flavor, tone and style.

What is this technique and why is it important in the advertising and marketing industry?

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