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Free online translations: the limits of their accuracy levels

Leading technology companies have been investing in machine translations for years. Advances in this area are undeniable, as is the case with new technologies in general, which have been driving digital transformation throughout all industries. And while most advanced translation services, supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence, are paid, there is a large quantity of others that are not.

Many organizations are tempted to use these services. However, professional translation offers skills and results that no machine can match. What problems can arise with free online translations?

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Why it is key to have an online store in different languages

Why is it key to have an online store in different languages?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw a dramatic shift to e-commerce. Need accelerated online interactions as consumers turned to the Internet for shopping after a in-store shopping became difficult and potentially dangerous.

Thus, the flourishing of online stores represents a challenge for brands, especially for those that operate in several countries and seek to win over customers internationally. What is the importance of translation and localization in this e-commerce boom?

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Language and artificial intelligence: the synergy of a growing relationship

Language and artificial intelligence: what is the synergy of a growing relationship?

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), we usually think of computers, programming and robots. However, people with a background in linguistics are increasingly in demand in this field.

Language professionals have a lot to contribute in areas such as product development, speech recognition, search engine automation, language translation and customer service, among others. How does language strengthen the development of artificial intelligence?

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CASE STUDY: A support guide for caregivers of LGBTQ+ youth.

CASE STUDY: A support guide for caregivers of LGBTQ+ youth.

A Portland Public Schools Case Study.


  • Client: SAY Wellness (Portland Public Schools).
  • Service: Transcreation Project (inclusive language).
  • Documents: PDF guide.
  • Disciplines: Education.
  • Volume: Spanish’ inclusive language.

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