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Mastering the Art of Legal Translation: Insider’s Guide to Selecting the Best Partner

5 Critical Matters to Consider for your Legal Translation

The justice system is the backbone of our modern society, especially in democracies. As we become more and more of a global society, bridging the gap between languages in crucial matters such as legal proceedings, contracts, agreements and human rights is paramount. It is a meticulous process that demands accurate interpretation, precision and expertise. Small errors can lead to significant consequences or even entire cases to be dismissed.

In this blog, we focus on some little-known secrets about legal translation.

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Is Your Notion of Time and Space Influenced by the Language you Speak?

Language: An experience that influences time and space notions

Developed by the linguist Edward Sapir in 1929, the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that the structure of a language determines the perception and interpretation each native speaker has of every experience they go through.

This theory, which created controversy, sustains that speakers of different languages perceive the world in different ways. And, in fact, subsequent researches have added evidence supporting such a hypothesis. How does that influence our time and space perception?

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What Are the Keys to Developing Language Fluency?

Language fluency helps connect with more people

Defined as the extent to which someone can speak frictionlessly and effectively on a variety of topics in a second language, fluency represents an elusive degree of proficiency.

Of course, the ability to use a language with ease and precision involves multiple skills, but which ones?

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Have you ever wondered which songs throughout history have been translated into the most languages?

Have you ever wondered which songs throughout history have been translated into the most languages?

Has it ever occurred to you that songs that you have been listening to all of your life thinking they were originally written in Spanish, turned out to be in English, French or some other language?

Many songs became part of our popular culture without us realizing it, thanks to artistic professional translations that made it possible for these melodies to reach us.

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