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Artificial Intelligence: How to Build Context and Get Quality Translations

How can we optimize AI translation for better results?

As the processing power of computers has advanced, so has the development of artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to machines’ ability to perform tasks previously thought to require human intelligence. Various industries, including video games, language translation, and robotics, have already embraced AI. Moreover, with ongoing advancements like ChatGPT and new AI capabilities emerging daily, almost every industry stands to benefit.

The recent advancements in AI technology have sparked significant interest in adopting machine translation, prompting linguistic professionals to increasingly rely on AI for enhanced productivity. How does this dynamic relationship work, and what strategies can professionals employ to get successful outcomes out of AI translation?

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Don’t fall for these traps! Avoid easy to spot mistakes in translation

Have you ever read a translation riddled with errors? Poor translations can be hilarious, but they can also be extremely damaging to your business’s reputation. To make sure that your translations are accurate and error‑free, it’s important to understand the most common mistakes translators make and how to avoid them. Let’s take a closer look.

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Technical and Scientific Translations Are Not the Same, and Here Is Why.

Technical Translation vs. Scientific Translation

In the world of translation, accuracy and expertise are key, especially when it comes to specialized translations, such as those related to the technical and scientific fields!

While both require a high degree of professionalism on the translator’s end, there are key differences between the two that should be taken into consideration when choosing a specialized translation service.

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CASE STUDY: Conquering the Challenges of Arabic Translation!

CASE STUDY: Conquering the Challenges of Arabic Translation!


Client: SHELTER for Help in Emergency – Charlottesville
Service: Translation into Spanish and Arabic + DTP (Desktop Publishing)
Format: Welcome Guide
Subject Matter: Emergency Services and Programs
Volume: 40 Pages

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