Coronavirus is forcing us to go digital. Do you have a strategy to train in the face of the pandemic?

Idea TranslationsBest PracticesCoronavirus is forcing us to go digital. Do you have a strategy to train in the face of the pandemic?
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Did you know that 80% of US companies are using eLearning? With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to expand into different world regions and with a grim outlook into the near future, institutions and companies need to look for other ways to remain productive and provide online solutions not only to their clients but also to their partners and employees.

Today, Idea Translations brings you an insight on how you can design an online training experience. Digital solutions to training have been growing exponentially over the years as an option to traditional instructor-led classroom training. Facing the current crisis, it has become critical and not just an option.

Idea Translations has been focusing on converting classic training into eLearning for over 6 years and providing multilanguage eLearning solutions. Below are some ideas that will help you start thinking about digital solutions to traditional classroom training.

  1. Customers, prospects, suppliers and employees need to learn about your products and services, each from a particular angle. Have you tried a simple training program via web platform or a webinar to showcase your solutions? It’s an economical solution and can give you an idea about reactions of your audience to a digital learning approach.
  2. In times of coronavirus, converting your critical training programs to eLearning is a must. Start by evaluating and determining what are the critical training courses that must be digitalized first.
  3. Try to build a community within your team to provide you with feedback on the training programs. We must focus on the human element in the face of crisis and requesting feedback from a diverse crowd will give you quality insights.
  4. Make it simple, creating a great online training experience doesn’t need to be a cumbersome initiative. In the midst of crisis, keeping a course simple and easy to navigate will be best.
  5. How can your company contribute to alleviate the public health crisis or just do the right thing for the times the world is going through? Focus on how you can help and not only on how to monetize your initiatives.

One of the key benefits of eLearning is the fast delivery of information. People can take online training anywhere. Now that there is plenty of time to be spent at home, people are searching for self-improvement and learning opportunities. Having an online learning platform provides flexibility and opportunity to train during an otherwise forced break from the office.

Idea Translations can help you design a personalized experience in a simple and effective way.
Get ready to ride the eLearning wave these days and contact us to learn more!

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