Here is how your online event will look like using Idea Translations’ remote interpreting services

Idea TranslationsCase StudiesHere is how your online event will look like using Idea Translations’ remote interpreting services
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During the last 15 months, normal has changed. Event organizers are now basically digital event experts. They need to set up virtual conferences, often requiring multi-language support and they have to be proficient in the use of cutting-edge remote interpreting solutions. From international world leader summit sessions to online conferences, ensuring every participant clearly understands what is being discussed has been one way Idea Translations offers support to bridge communication gaps.


  • Location of event: Online
  • No of Attendees: 240
  • Languages: English-Spanish
  • Services: Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Services In-house team

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)? If you are holding a virtual event, there will no longer be an interpreter’s booth at the back of the room. Instead, interpreters are located online and will join the event virtually via a platform to deliver simultaneous interpretation. Participants will listen virtually to the interpretation, through the channel of their choice, on their preferred language.


  • Provide multilingual solutions to virtual events
  • Cost effective
  • No equipment needed


  • Audio quality is not always reliable because it depends on the interpreter internet connection. It is key to have a backup interpreter to avoid losing service.
  • Data security. All exchanges go through the remote conferencing service.

As the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, Cochlear is committed to a mission to help people hear and be heard. Their story started more than four decades ago, when Professor Graeme Clark pioneered the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant, and created an entirely new treatment for hearing loss. Today, Cochlear is made up of a global workforce of more than 4,000 people who share a collective determination to give more people the opportunity to enjoy a life of hearing.

When organizing an online event, you should carefully evaluate all variables such as cyber security breaches, variable internet quality, language spoken by your participants, tech savviness of presenters and overall agenda.

Idea Translations has been a long-time partner of Cochlear for language services, and last November they faced a new challenge. Cochlear needed to organize an online panel discussion on the benefits of using Osia® OSI200 in surgery. They needed to find someone who will help them run their event smoothly in Spanish and English, and they had a pretty tight deadline to get everything ready.

The Challenge

Because of data security policies, Cochlear requires to use a platform other than Zoom. RSI can be delivered through various platform applications where speakers, participants and interpreters will join virtually in the same space. The platform allows participants to select different audio channels based on the language options offered for the event. Some of these platforms include:

  • Zoom
  • Interprefy
  • KUDO

However, the required tool from Cochlear did not have remote interpretation capabilities. The tool did, however, offer the latest industry standard security practices and global data protection requirements, something that large organizations that rely heavily on data such as Cochlear value deeply. So, you might be wondering how did Idea Translations manage the challenge.

The Approach

After extensive analysis of Cochlear’s needs and considering the organizers’ security policies, Idea’s tech team determined that interpreting could be provided by creating a Zoom’s simultaneous interpreting channel. The two interpreters in Spanish and English would both be connected to the conference tool provided by Cochlear and to Zoom sessions at the same time, and participants who needed to listen to interpretation will connect to the Zoom session and mute the other session. We managed both video conferencing tools to our advantage, and sent the Zoom dual language access information prior to the meeting with instructions about how to connect to the remote interpretation channel.


The panel discussion ran smoothly with audio and video streaming with no significant audio delays. There were over 240 participants from which 20 used the interpretation channel. The event was a success and Cochlear was happy to be able to apply data security and remote interpretation in the same meeting.

Coachlear Osia – remote interpretation

If you are looking for

  • Certified interpreters for any language
  • Technical support for all your needs
  • Unlimited number of languages for any event.

Idea Translations can interpret online trainings, conferences, webinars, community events, business meetings, patient-doctor video calls and much more.

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