Case Study: Holiday 2022 Artist Partnership & Limited Editions

Idea TranslationsBest PracticesCase Study: Holiday 2022 Artist Partnership & Limited Editions


Client: Kiehl’s
Service: Translation Project (11 languages)
Documents: eLearning Courses
Volume: 2

Since 1851, Kiehl’s has sought to demonstrate the importance of skin care, by educating customers about its products and providing customized services for individual skin needs.

Each year, to celebrate the holiday season, Kiehl’s partners up with a special artist to design limited edition labels and packaging. Additionally, Kiehl’s also launches a limited collection of its product

In order to educate Skin Pros about these special collections and products, and to provide them with expert-level training on how to create personalized and memorable experiences for customers during the holiday season, Kiehl’s developed two eLearning courses.

Like previous years, Idea was entrusted with the delightful task of translating them into 11 different languages.

Each of these courses, in each of the languages, goes through several stages with multiple people involved. Once finished, they undergo at least two rounds of review by the Idea Translations team, and a final review by Kiehl’s. There is no use in having the courses ready after the holiday season is over, or when the products are already on the market. Therefore, it was important to take into account the timing of each stage and establish well-defined intermediate deadlines in order to meet the final launch dates.

It is always motivating to receive projects that involve new challenges, since they drive us to be better, improve and grow. We are very happy to continue to partner with Kiehl’s in their quest to achieve global excellence through unique customer experiences.