Idea TranslationsCase StudiesCASE STUDY: ADB Safegate

Client: ADB Safegate (Airport Products and Services Provider)
Service: Web Localization
Documents: Website
Discipline: Technical
Volume: 3 Languages – 150,000 Words

ADB Safegate, a leading supplier of airport control towers, gates and runways, approached us with the need to expand their presence in several countries. After analyzing their key markets, we identified a need to translate their website into high-traffic languages such as Spanish, German and French to capitalize on new markets and grow their audience.

The biggest challenge was that ADB Safegate’s team creates new content on a daily basis. So, they needed a solution to optimize the interaction with translators as much as possible and reduce the workload of their web team. That’s when we got creative and came up with an innovative approach.

We assembled a team of top­notch translators and engineers to come up with the perfect solution: translating the site through proxy technology. Through this, the translation of content becomes easy and efficient. The client’s marketing team can concentrate fully on the English content while we work on its translation.

Our system works by extracting and translating the website’s original content directly on our platform. A translation memory is stored on the cloud and whenever the client adds new content, we translate it seamlessly without having to do manual copy-and-paste work or importing and exporting content into their CMS. When visitors enter their website, they can choose their preferred language and the system displays the translated content.

We are delighted to say that we implemented this technology in record time, just 4 months! By doing so, we saved the client’s web administrator about 30 hours of work per month, allowing the client to concentrate on providing services to their customers.

We are delighted to share this amazing solution with you, and we invite you to reach out to learn more about how we can help your business expand its global reach!

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