Idea TranslationsCase StudiesCASE STUDY: COCHLEAR

CLIENT: Cochlear (Health Technology)
SERVICE: Legal Translation
FORMAT: PDF with Legal Translation Format + Legalization
VOLUME: 1∼3 files per batch

For Legal Translation Month at Idea Translations, we want to share with you a project related to legal translation, with the aim of providing you with a deeper insight into the procedures in this field, as well as the fundamental rules and considerations that must be taken into account, where a small error can lead to significant consequences.

To this end, we have chosen an ongoing project for Cochlear, a leading company in global implantable hearing solutions. With over 600,000 implanted devices, surpassing any other company in the field, Cochlear has greatly contributed to improving the hearing capacity and the quality of life for people of all ages.

The project at hand involves the legal translation from English to Spanish of the authorization documents required to import their product into the country.

In this context, we were faced with the challenge of rigorously complying with established formats and terminology. It is important to note that, in many cases, a literal translation of product names is not feasible, as the registration process often involves specific nomenclatures. Overlooking this aspect can bring the inability to register the product and, consequently, its rejection.

To ensure accuracy in this project, we created a terminological glossary that contains the registered names of each product, which we use as a collaborative reference. However, given the significance of the project, each document must undergo a thorough internal review and subsequently, an external review conducted by the client themselves.

Another challenge that arises in the field of legal translation is the need to adapt the format of the original file to the format approved and legally established by the authorities. Any slight discrepancies in font size, spaces, or margins can lead to the rejection of the document. Therefore, it is essential to strictly adhere to all established government guidelines in order to avoid errors or discrepancies

This and all projects involving legal translation require not only excellent translation skills but also a thorough understanding and strict compliance with legal requirements and relevant records for each case.

We are very proud that a company like Cochlear has trusted in our services for so many years, and that we continue to be their go-to partners to help thousands of patients with hearing impairment.

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