Idea TranslationsCase StudiesCASE STUDY: ASOFARMA

SERVICE: Translation
FORMAT: Word and PDF files
VOLUME: 10 different projects


Asofarma stands out as a prominent pharmaceutical company with a presence in 17 countries. Their commitment is to provide doctors and patients with access to innovative and highly effective treatments, thus ensuring excellence in disease management and an improvement in the quality of life. To achieve this, they are dedicated to the development, production, and commercialization of high-quality and innovative products.


We’ve been language partners to Asofarma for over 10 years. There have been many interesting and challenging projects in our journey together but none like this one. Asofarma required we put together a very large English to Spanish translation team for the translations of 10 projects for a critical and innovative product: the Spikevax vaccine.

The first challenge we had to tackle was the scale of the project and its tight deadlines. The project amounted to approximately 810,000 words, in addition to more than 800 hours of DTP for design. All of this needed to be completed within one month.

Furthermore, another major challenge emerged: the specifications. This project required approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), in contrast to our previous projects for Asofarma, which typically required approval from agencies in Latin America. The EMA’s guidelines and requirements were notably different from what we were used to, which required additional effort from the entire team to adapt to these new specifications.


To meet the project’s magnitude in terms of time and quality, we adopted a collaborative approach. We involved several designers, 13 translators and linguists, and an internal team for certain very particular files.

Regarding the specifications, several members of the Idea Translations team focused on studying the EMA’s requirements from thoroughly and from scratch. Thus, our QA leader and her team quickly created a glossary and a specific style guide for the project. This initiative proved crucial for everyone involved in to effectively adapt to the new process.


Thanks to the collaboration and dedication of our highly skilled team, we successfully completed the 10 projects related to the Spikevax vaccine for Asofarma within the stipulated deadline. The quality of our translations was reflected in the satisfaction and praise from our client, which fills us with pride.

This achievement not only presented a challenge but also motivated us to continue to pursue our goal: Become true language partners to our clients.

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