Idea TranslationsCase StudiesAMBER ALERT CASE STUDY

The Importance of a Good Simultaneous Interpretation Service

CLIENT: AMBER Alert System
SERVICE: Simultaneous Interpretation
FORMAT: Remote and Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation
SUBJECT MATTER: Professional Community Training Sessions


The AMBER Alert System began in 1996 when Dallas-Fort Worth broadcasters teamed with local police to develop an early warning system to help find abducted children. The system, which stands for “America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response”, quickly spread to other states and communities, developing into a nationwide effort to protect children from abduction.

The AMBER Alert System aims to provide comprehensive resources, exemplary leadership, and effective solutions in order to enhance community safety, foster community trust, and reinforce the community’s essential role as a collaborator in ensuring safety and justice.


Each Simultaneous Interpretation project in which we collaborate with AMBER Alert System is exciting and challenging. We not only need to ensure precise interpretation, but also tactfully convey the critical knowledge and emotions behind the information provided. Furthermore, real-time interpreting, that is, translating as the presenter speaks simultaneously, is always a demanding task. The time span to think and process everything being said is practically non-existent.

These trainings address highly sensitive topics that require special communication skills. Intonation, gestures and the way in which we express ourselves play a crucial role in guaranteeing that the message is delivered effectively and authentically.


At Idea Translations, we embrace challenges. Our mission was not only to select an experienced law enforcement interpreter, but also someone that deeply understood the culture and purpose of the AMBER Alert System. They needed to be familiar with its cause and have a keen dedication to its mission. We wanted an interpreter with total engagement to the project, who could devote their efforts exclusively to this client and focus on providing a high-quality, tailored service to be a true messenger of AMBER Alert’s values.


After an exhaustive search, we met Juan, a great interpreter that was not only quick to adapt to our requirements, but also felt touched by our client’s mission. His commitment to AMBER Alert’s cause allowed him to capture the emotional essence behind each message and convey it exceptionally. Through our simultaneous interpretation service, we are not only able to get in the shoes of our speaker by translating their message, but we can also go beyond and connect with their feelings. At Idea Translations, we consider that a good interpretation service is not only accurate but emotional, making communication real and human, elevating the experience as a whole, which is why we pride ourselves in providing a unique service.


The work is great, the time is great. When the updates are last minute you come across every time. So thank you so much. You make us look good when we need to. Everything with you guys is seamless and are right there with us.
We have gotten to a place where we feel comfortable with remote interpretation. I am happy to continue to move that forward. Onsite interpretation is great. You helped me get everything set-up in Puerto Rico.
Jennifer, National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College