Idea TranslationsCase StudiesPARAMOUNT+ CASE STUDY

CLIENT: Paramount+
SERVICE: Subtitling
FORMAT: Media clips
SUBJECT MATTER: Entertainment


Paramount+ is one of the world’s leading producers of premium entertainment content that connects billions of people in nearly every country in the world through their streaming services, live events, and more. Their studios produce content that caters to diverse audiences, spanning various genres and formats, establishing strong connections with people from around the world.


For over 6 months, we have had the privilege of working on various projects with Paramount+, where our primary focus is to provide subtitling services (usually in Spanish and Portuguese) for a wide variety of clips, including movie and series trailers, interviews, and even music videos.

While these projects are typically short, they require laser eye attention to detail and collaborative efforts from the entire Idea Translations team. We need to go beyond simple translations; these projects involve a considerable creative component to accurately capture the message and emotion they seek to convey. Oftentimes, this entails transcreation and localization work, especially when dealing with songs or creative content where a literal translation falls short.

Moreover, the content Paramount+ entrusts us to translate usually stems from other pre-existing content, so it is necessary to evaluate and take note of prior translations to ensure our versions align with the previously published material on the client’s platforms.

It is also worth noting that these projects often come with tight deadlines (sometimes needing to be delivered overnight).


To ensure timely delivery and creative excellence in each project, we decided to allocate in-house resources from Idea Translations exclusively for this client. This strategy allows us to have direct control over deadlines, avoiding dependence on external providers, while ensuring and maintaining quality standards.

Additionally, by assigning a dedicated team for these projects, we aim to build familiarity and a deep understanding of the specific requirements and dynamics of this client. This, in turn, helps optimize time, streamline processes, and enhance effectiveness in delivering results.


Thanks to our multimedia and entertainment experience, we have established an agile workflow to ensure the timely delivery of each video without sacrificing the demanded quality or neglecting its creative component. This capability has been crucial in progressively expanding our collaboration with Paramount+, solidifying our position as one of their trusted providers.

It is a true honor and pleasure for us to have the trust of such a prestigious client like Paramount+.


“You are the best, thank you!!” – Macarena S., Creative Operations Supervisor, Paramount+

“Hello! The subtitles turned out great” – Tomás G., Production Assistant, Paramount+

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