Idea TranslationsCase StudiesMERZ AESTHETICS CASE STUDY

CLIENT: Merz Aesthetics
SERVICE: eLearning translation
VOLUME: 4 online courses into 9 languages
SUBJECT MATTER: Aesthetic Treatments


Merz Aesthetics, a global leader in aesthetic medicine with a history of over 110 years innovating. This family-owned company is the epitome of commitment, innovation and trust. With operations spanning across 28 countries, Merz Aesthetics’ mission is to create groundbreaking products in aesthetics and neuroscience. They achieve this through their unparalleled dedication to customer service and patient satisfaction.

Through decades of scientific expertise and a profound understanding of healthcare practitioners and patient needs, Merz Aesthetics is a true pioneer in aesthetic medicine products.


eLearning projects are known for their complexity, as they involve interdisciplinary work from various areas such as design, translation, editing, proofreading and content production to achieve a useful and engaging end product for users.

In the specific case of this project for Merz Aesthetics, we faced an even greater challenge. We needed to develop not one, but four eLearning courses, each translated into nine different languages (Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai). This involved a total of 36 courses, each with narrations and videos, posing a significant challenge in terms of resources and costs due to the scale of the project.


To reduce costs for our client, we opted to include only subtitles in the videos. However, as the courses also included narrations for accessibility, we decided to hire voice actors to recreate them.

In response to this need, to ensure accuracy and prevent omissions, we created detailed scripts for each of the courses, clearly identifying them with their corresponding audio file. These scripts were sent to the client for review and pre-approval, allowing adjustments before proceeding with voice recording. Although this is a step that often requires additional time, we are convinced that these rigorous review phases prevent costly re-recordings in the future.

Once each part of the courses was ready, and we had confirmed the quality of the design, we proceeded to send the courses to native language linguists for thorough testing and proofreading. Given the complexity of the project, this additional review phase ensured the accuracy of translations, precise placement of narrations, and the overall proper functioning of the course, including buttons and embedded links.

Thus, once the courses were thoroughly tested by native linguists, we delivered the project to the client for the final sign-off.


Thanks to the meticulous review conducted by native linguists and subject matter experts, we were able to ensure the quality of the courses and verify the accuracy of translations and subtitles. This allowed client reviews to focus more on internal aspects of their company than on linguistic technicalities. This case study clearly highlights our commitment to excellence in eLearning project development.

We appreciate Merz Aesthetics for their continued trust in us over the years and for providing challenging projects that inspire us to always strive for improvement.

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