UF/IFAS Extension Collier County Case Study

Idea TranslationsCase StudiesUF/IFAS Extension Collier County Case Study

CLIENT: UF/IFAS Extension Collier County
SERVICE: eLearning
FORMAT: 1 Course from English to Spanish
SUBJECT MATTER: Fishing Industry


UF/IFAS Extension Collier County stands as a global leader in adult education and youth development. Diving deep into the heart of Florida, they tackle challenges head-on with practical solutions. As a trusted partner in communities, their mission is clear: to deliver top-notch education, research-based knowledge, and expertise that cultivate thriving individuals, environments, and economies.


The project at hand involved translating an online course designed to train fishermen in the Florida area on responsible fishing practices and the care of local marine life. This included guidelines on how to interact with protected animals, such as pelicans, as well as what to do in case of accidentally hooking endangered species, such as the sawfish.

Although the project entailed translation into a single language, from English to Spanish, it presented significant challenges, as it is typically the case for eLearning localization. This type of projects require more than mere word-for-word translation, as they often need us to consider many additional factors: from the narration scripts to visual design, integration of videos, quizzes, and more.

In this particular case, it was a complex project due to its length and the specificity of the topic, which required special attention to technical and unique terminology. To make matters even more interesting, the diverse content of this course, which included videos located on different platforms and even songs, added an additional layer of complexity.


To ensure the success of the project, the first thing we did was establish a solid organization and clear deadlines for each milestone for all parties involved. The constant communication we maintained, both with the involved team and the client, streamlined the process and provided reassurance to the client by keeping them informed of each step along the way.

In turn, to ensure the quality of the final work, we chose to conduct a thorough review exclusively through the internal Idea Translations team. We acknowledge that in projects with multiple collaborators, there is a risk of errors or lack of consistency in the final product. Therefore, although this internal review took a little more time and resources, it helped ensure consistency in the finished project, surpassing the client’s expectations and delivering superior quality.

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