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Cognates and their Significance for Multilingualism


In general, “cognation” means “any kind of relation”; in grammar, cognates are terms that are morphologically related. These are words of similar pronunciation, spelling and meaning in two languages, and that are particularly relevant to the understanding of written texts.

Since they share the same etymological origin, it is important to learn cognates at an early age. How do they impact multilingualism?

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Secrets to Learning a Language: Get to Know Its World

Anamaria Bacci

I’ve been wanting to write about my linguistic “experiences” in Argentina for quite some time now, when I learned (and continue to learn) to speak Spanish. I was 25 years old then. I had just arrived in the country and my oldest daughter was just two months old. We arrived in Buenos Aires and I wanted to start learning how to communicate correctly as soon as I got there, since I wanted to work in my field: Journalism. To that end, I enrolled in a language institute and started taking classes.

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