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Artificial Intelligence: How to Build Context and Get Quality Translations

How can we optimize AI translation for better results?

As the processing power of computers has advanced, so has the development of artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to machines’ ability to perform tasks previously thought to require human intelligence. Various industries, including video games, language translation, and robotics, have already embraced AI. Moreover, with ongoing advancements like ChatGPT and new AI capabilities emerging daily, almost every industry stands to benefit.

The recent advancements in AI technology have sparked significant interest in adopting machine translation, prompting linguistic professionals to increasingly rely on AI for enhanced productivity. How does this dynamic relationship work, and what strategies can professionals employ to get successful outcomes out of AI translation?

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The Vital Importance of Translators in the Face of a Growing Demand for Dubbing


Dubbing, defined as a type of translation characterized by transferring audiovisual texts interlinguistically or intralinguistically, presents various challenges for translators. Dubbing is also a vital process for human development and cultural expansion.

So, what is the role of professionals when facing such a job?

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What Are the Keys to Developing Language Fluency?

Language fluency helps connect with more people

Defined as the extent to which someone can speak frictionlessly and effectively on a variety of topics in a second language, fluency represents an elusive degree of proficiency.

Of course, the ability to use a language with ease and precision involves multiple skills, but which ones?

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Multilingual websites, the key to a successful business expansion

Websites #multilanguage #websitetranslation: what are the keys to a successful international business expansion?

Determining expansion objectives, identifying opportunities, understanding new markets, positioning and thinking globally while considering a local approach are among the main challenges that an organization must take into account when internationalizing its business.

Within these processes, language services play an essential role. Why are quality multilingual translations key to a company’s growth?

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