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The key role of multilingualism in an increasingly interconnected world.

How to make the most of the benefits of an interconnected world?

Although the benefits of learning languages have always been undeniable, this is particularly clear in these times of unprecedented global interaction.

These days, multilingualism not only brings people closer to better educational, occupational and professional opportunities, but it also makes them more empathetic, helps them make better decisions and gives them confidence.

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Free online translations: the limits of their accuracy levels

Leading technology companies have been investing in machine translations for years. Advances in this area are undeniable, as is the case with new technologies in general, which have been driving digital transformation throughout all industries. And while most advanced translation services, supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence, are paid, there is a large quantity of others that are not.

Many organizations are tempted to use these services. However, professional translation offers skills and results that no machine can match. What problems can arise with free online translations?

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