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Learning a language can improve a child’s self-esteem

How can learning a language improve children's self-esteem?

Knowing other languages has multiple advantages: such as sharper memory, improving decision-making and maximizing cognitive flexibility. And those benefits increase when we learn a second language at a young age.

Learning a language other than their mother tongue improves something fundamental to children’s development: self-esteem. But how does this relationship work?

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Training and retaining talent: the importance of multilingual onboarding

Training and retaining talent: the importance of multilingual onboarding

Delivering relevant experiences so that employees stay and feel in tune with an organization is one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders. As the job market continues to fluctuate and globalize, onboarding processes have become a great resource. While at the same time, it is important to focus on programs and practices that can be used throughout the organization across countries, regions and languages. But what are the advantages of this approach?

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Multiple-Language Translation: Challenges and Best Practices

The ever-increasing globalization calls for companies to broaden their horizons. Technology tools help us bring down country barriers and reach a potentially larger audience.

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Case Study: Award-winning health system provides multilingual on-demand communications

health communications

As preferred partners of the Nebraska Hospital Association NHA, we came to learn about Bryan Health. Why did they need us? Find out

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