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CASE STUDY: Translation of 300+ online courses for Kiehl’s Academy


Client: Kiehl’s
Service: Translation of online courses
Format: eLearning
Subject Matter: In-house training content
Volume: 300+ courses into 11 languages

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The Vital Importance of Translators in the Face of a Growing Demand for Dubbing


Dubbing, defined as a type of translation characterized by transferring audiovisual texts interlinguistically or intralinguistically, presents various challenges for translators. Dubbing is also a vital process for human development and cultural expansion.

So, what is the role of professionals when facing such a job?

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The different roles and skills of translators and interpreters

What are the different roles and skills of #translators and #interpreters?

Translation and interpreting are among the professional paths that a linguist can take. As defined by the Linguistic Society of America, interpreters provide face-to-face or remote services to facilitate oral communication between two or more people who do not speak a common language, while translators use their skills to translate written content from one language to another.

We have already addressed the similarities between these two professional fields, as well as some differences. Now it’s time to dig deeper: What are the issues that set apart the work of translators and interpreters?

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