Case Study: Brouwer Labs focus on becoming a leader in animal health

Idea TranslationsBest PracticesCase Study: Brouwer Labs focus on becoming a leader in animal health
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With more than 40 years in the market, they have developed a pioneering technology in the anti-parasitic market around the world.

Brouwer is a company focused on the manufacturing, distribution and sale of animal health products. Their products are exported into more than 30 countries.

Brouwer was the first Argentine animal health lab to obtain ISO 9001 certification. Brouwer has an average 82% annual growth. It is a leader in companion animals’ health, cattle and animal nutrition in Argentina.

In 2010, Brouwer contacted Idea Translations, as part of their strategic focus in exports and distribution of their products to markets outside of Latin America. Our relationship started off with a small pilot project and grew into a full-blown partnership with the objective of improving communication of their products and accelerate approvals for registration and market access. We translate dossiers, packaging information, their website, and any content marketing information aimed at their exploding global growth. Idea Translations is a key partner in enabling the growth of Brouwer.

We are currently working in our most challenging project to date: the development of their eLearning library in 2 languages.

We have created 10 eLearning courses for their top selling products, that can be accessed by employees and distributors, and aims at reinforcing the understanding of their products with the focus on the key innovations which differentiate Brouwer from other labs.

Idea Translations and Brouwer collaborate for global growth through a multichannel approach:

Sales Marketing and sales materials in all languages for the 30 + countries where they have registered products.

Regulatory – Translation and adaptation of regulatory content for quick approval of their new filings providing key time advantages for innovative products.

Training – Creation, translation and adaptation of eLearning content for employees and distributors, so they have a better understanding on key differentiators of Brouwer’s products, in order to improve their selling skills and have a better understanding of why they are a true success.

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