The Big Bang of Digital Content: Why are quality translations a key differentiator?

Idea TranslationsTranslationsThe Big Bang of Digital Content: Why are quality translations a key differentiator?
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In recent years, we have witnessed a boom of digital content like never before: people are demanding immediate content that is interesting and customized, through more channels, in a variety of formats and in real time.

With this huge amount of information and the globalization process, companies need to offer their messages in several languages to reach more customers. How can we differentiate our brand in this whirlwind of messages?

Building Bridges to Maximize Impact

Being relevant and effective is a priority for any brand, as users expand their online journeys and content grows exponentially. The challenge is maximizing engagement and creating significant interactions to respond to the needs and doubts of prospective customers.

With this in mind, companies look to multilingual translation to broaden their horizons. While years ago only big-budget companies could afford to expand and reach new markets, new technologies now facilitate outreach initiatives, in a shorter time and with less resources.

However, no matter the size of the company looking to expand and reach new customers, the focus should never be on the amount of content, but on its quality and relevance.

46% of companies reported that they intend to increase their investment in content creation in 2022.
Source: Content Marketing Institute

Considering that consumers are attracted to brands that speak their own language, investing in expert translation services is vital. Fostering credibility and trust makes a difference when generating content.

The Keys to Achieve Quality

Translating and localizing content is among the most important tasks of any company looking to reach a broader market. Many leaders, however, tend to underestimate this part of the process and think that translating messages is a simple task, and that it can be done by people with little experience.

If the focus is on generating any content without a clear guideline, we run the risk of disseminating unrelated information that is not relevant for the recipients. On the other hand, investing in high-quality translations has many advantages:

  • Consistency: It is not the amount of content that ensures the long-term success of a brand, but the selection of materials, their connection and the way in which they are aligned with corporate goals and consumers’ expectations.
  • Agility: Working with professional services minimizes last-minute issues, optimizes processes and avoids inefficient workflows. Moreover, multidisciplinary teams make better decisions in real time.
  • Scalability: The adequate expertise ensures added-value content that can reach several audience segments and can be adapted to many formats and channels. In addition, customized quality content promotes user loyalty.

The digital content global market is expected to reach USD 38,200 million by 2030.
Source: InsightSlice

The E-Commerce Engine

The pandemic changed many aspects of our lives. In this new normal, e-commerce will continue to reign supreme in most categories, even if the role of physical stores has changed.

Retail e-commerce sales in the US are expected to grow 16% in 2022.
Source: Insider Intelligence

Companies are increasingly approaching e-commerce and they need to translate information about their products and services. Content needs to be recreated in a way that is consistent with each company’s values and business goals. Simply rendering the same phrases in a different language won’t cut it: innovation is the key to the future and what will ensure we can differentiate ourselves from the multitude of messages going around. And there is only one way to stand out: trusting the experience of linguists who are aware of cultural nuances and the nooks and crannies of each language.

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