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The Big Bang of Digital Content: Why are quality translations a key differentiator?

digital content translation

In recent years, we have witnessed a boom of digital content like never before: people are demanding immediate content that is interesting and customized, through more channels, in a variety of formats and in real time.

With this huge amount of information and the globalization process, companies need to offer their messages in several languages to reach more customers. How can we differentiate our brand in this whirlwind of messages?

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Educational Materials: The Importance of High-Quality Translations

educational translation

Translating content is always a great responsibility, which must be undertaken by qualified people with the required expertise. In some areas, this task involves an even greater challenge. This is the case of teaching and educational materials, which define the tools and possibilities the younger generations will have as adults.

What are the main challenges in the translation of educational materials and why do we need experienced professionals for this task?

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Key Elements of a High-Quality Translation

High quality translation

Scalability —the ability of an organization to grow and win more clients— implies taking several tactical decisions. One of these decisions includes defining how to translate our content in a way that supports our goal of expanding to new markets without losing our unique identity. Quality holistic translation services are vital to achieve this goal.

What do we need to consider when choosing a holistic translation service?

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