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Choosing the Best Translation Company

7 Must-Haves You Should Look Out For

With globalization on the rise, language barriers have become one of the primary obstacles keeping businesses from expanding into international markets. Thankfully, with the help of translation services, overcoming these barriers is possible.

However, choosing the right translation company can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. In this blog post, we’ll help you figure out how to choose the best translation company for your needs.

We’ll discuss the key features to pay attention to, questions to ask, and specifics to look out for while choosing a translation service provider.

1. Experience

Experience is the first thing you should search for when choosing a translation company. It is imperative that you select a service provider with at least five years of experience under their belt. Check if they have worked with clients in your industry before. If they have, then it’s a good sign that they have experience in handling content relevant to your business.

2. Quality

The service you are paying for should always provide high-quality translations that deliver the intended message accurately to the target audience. Look for service providers who have certified translators on their staff, those who have earned a certification from a recognized industry association like the ATA or ISO. It would also help if you asked for translation samples to better evaluate their quality of work.

3. Industry-Specific Knowledge

Industry-specific knowledge is another crucial aspect to consider when selecting a translation service provider. Understandably, every industry will have its unique terminology, phrasing and jargon that make sense only to people within that industry. Find a company that understands your industry or has experience working with clients in your industry.

4. Project Management

A quality translation company should have a well-structured project management process in place. Inquire about their project management, how the company works and their average turnaround times. It would be helpful if they had a structured project management system to ensure that they deliver in a timely and organized manner.

5. Technology

A translation partner that shoots for constant improvement will certainly have a good share of their investments in technology. Inquire what translation technologies they use, if they are familiar with AI technologies (even if that might not bend your decision) and most importantly, if they have a platform to place requests that simplify and facilitate workflows. An email-based request process is far from optimal in the age of automation.

6. Security

In our hyper connection times, hackers are pretty much everywhere and ready to sneak into any open window. Ask if the service provider has a cybersecurity plan, a redundancy plan in the event of disaster and how translators access your files. If you want to go a step further, request IT security certifications such as ISO 27001.

7. Communication

It is important to look for a provider that is responsive, professional and friendly in their communication style. A company that takes the time to understand your needs and responds to your queries promptly is one to consider. Good communication facilitates success and is a good predictor of the overall quality of the team working on your projects. A professional and friendly approach can also make the process more pleasant and stress-free. Choose a translation company with a communication style that puts you at ease and inspires confidence in their abilities.

Choosing the best translation company is crucial if you want to conduct business internationally or reach out to a non-native audience. Remember, when you’re selecting a service provider, make sure you evaluate their experience, quality of work, industry-specific knowledge, project management process, and communication style. Always take your time and do your research before settling on any provider. With the right translation company, you can effectively convey your message across cultures and languages and connect better with your potential clients.

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