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ISO 17100 Standard: What does this certification mean for translation services?

ISO 17100

As organizations strive to broaden their horizons, removing linguistic barriers is absolutely critical. In this sense, there is a question we need to answer when choosing a translation service: What elements are vital to ensure a high-quality job that meets the needs of our organization? The ISO 17100 certification is one of the most used tools to determine quality and suitability in translation services.

What is this Standard and why is it key in translation services?

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A Website that Speaks to your Audience

Website Translation

In these digital times, it is often said that a website is a company’s storefront; translating it into several languages is a strategic decision to attract customers.

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Lessons from a Parent: How to improve adolescent behavior using a program proven successful.

Parent Project Case Study

A decade ago, The Parent Project, an innovative education institution focusing on strong-willed children and adolescents, contacted us to translate their educational programs.

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Spain vs. Latin America: Characteristics and Peculiarities when Translating into Spanish

Spanish Translations

Someone from Spain can easily chat with someone from Latin America, but the continental differences quickly become evident. However, if our purpose is to translate content into Spanish it is vital to know the target region, because differences may be greater than we think.

What do we need to consider when translating into Spanish for different audiences? What are the main differences between Spanish from Spain and the Spanish from Latin America?

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