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Multilingualism: A Task on the Global Agenda

Multilingualism global agenda

In the academic, economic, political and even cultural circles, it is known that the most widely translated and published language is English. In fact, it is usually taught as a second language in schools and universities and, globally, many talks are in this language because, apparently and implicitly, most people know it and manage to communicate with each other.

Now, why is it essential to broaden the linguistic horizon and what benefits does it bring to companies?

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The Advantages of Including a Translation Management System (TMS) in your Translation Processes

Translation Management System

Along with the experience and expertise of language partners, both simplicity and security are essential elements of multilanguage translations. In this sense, translation management systems are consolidated as a key IT component for companies seeking global growth.

How do TMS work and how are they key allies in achieving successful global expansion?

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Endangered Languages: What Languages are at the Brink of Extinction?

endangered languages

Aramaic is a semitic language that has been spoken in the Middle East since at least the 12th century BC. Inscriptions found in the last centuries were made some years before the oldest Hebrew inscriptions. Known as “the language of Jesus”, Aramaic originated in the northern region of current Syria and rapidly spread to the whole area: it was even the official Assyrian language in the 8th century BC.

Aramaic is currently used by a few speakers in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, and in some isolated regions of Australia, Europe and America. Why do some ancient and historical languages dwindle to the brink of extinction?

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B Corporations: The Advantages of this Rising New Global Model

B corporations

This is more than just a trend: today organizations can’t just settle for being leaders in their respective markets; they have to create positive changes in the world. That is, use their influence on the market to help solve social and environmental problems that affect us all.

A growing number of corporations and leaders are seeking to measure their impact in the planet to learn the extent of their responsibility and be part of the change. In that line what does it mean to work with B Corporations?

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